Wednesday, January 27, 2016

His Wicked Seduction by Lauren Smith

I just discovered Lauren Smith a few months ago and have already read a bunch of her books. His Wicked Seduction is my favorite so far. It's the second installment in her League of Rogues series.

The League is a group of friends who met in school. They consider themselves a bit wild and reckless, but they are now growing and maturing. Each will be swept away by love, much to their dismay.

In this story Lucien has feelings for his best friend's sister Horatia and has been avoiding her for years because of it. 

Horatia has been in love with Lucien since she was a young girl, but now she intends to get her man by any means necessary. 

Stopping them is a League rule about "no sisters", as well as Lucien's own negative feelings about himself. He thinks he is sexually perverted just because he enjoys a bit of bondage. 

One of my favorite romantic storylines is the brother's best friend. This did not disappoint. Lauren Smith writes with so much humor and affection for all her characters. I look forward to watching the other "rogues" fall in love.

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