Friday, July 22, 2016

Story Prompt: Less Than a Second

I was given a story prompt in a recent RWA thread and decided to go for it.

Story prompt: It was less than a second, but it changed everything. 

I had finally done it. I had gotten my heart's desire to notice me. I had been swooning over Charles Lancaster for years, spying on him across the room from my regular position at the wall. Other girls would pass by and giggle at those of us who congregated there. Some were even cruel enough to offer their unsolicited advice when they noticed where my gaze wandered.

"Oh, Gabriella, you are positively deluded if you think to set you sights on Lancaster!"
"Gabby, you haven't got a prayer!"
"YOU? And Charles Lancaster? Ha!"

So what if I fancied myself as the belle of the ball one day? Charles might notice me. I could dream. I certainly had no wish to become Mrs. Francis Cole or Mrs. Harry Knight. Those were my mother's choices for me. She had no faith in my abilities to attract a man of importance, such as the heir to the Lancaster fortune. No, she thought I could do no better than a merchant or solicitor. Frankly, I thought the same. I stood there in quiet desolation.

But then something happened. Charles was heading in my direction! We locked eyes and he smiled. I smiled back and was planning to be very forward by offering my hand and introducing myself. I stepped into his path and he stopped. I opened my mouth, took in a fortifying breath...and burped.

His friends, the ones I hadn't noticed, roared with laughter. Charles bit his lip and did his best not to. My face flamed, but I stood tall, trying not to cry. Then he did something most unexpected.

He winked at me.

I watched him walk away, feeling my heart swell a little bit more. I gasped when he turned his head and looked back at me.

In less than a second (plus eight years, four days and two hours) I, Gabriella Huntington, had finally gotten Charles Lancaster, to notice me.

Time would tell if that was a good thing or a bad thing.


Hope you all enjoyed this. Thank you for the prompt, Hannah! I needed a nudge tonight.


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