Thursday, August 25, 2016

Grace - Chapter 1 (or Prologue)

Because of Julia's comment below, I'm adding a warning: This story is being told in "drabbles",  short pieces of exactly 100 words. It's a writing challenge just for fun. Each chapter might sound vague, but this is to be an outline. I welcome your input, suggestions, critiques, etc.

Three girls huddled together in a most unladylike fashion as the other boarding school students rushed past out the door.

“Promise me we will always be friends,” Constance whimpered.

“Of course we will,” Violet snapped.

“We are soul mates, destined to have found one another in our time of need,” Grace said.

“Ever the writer.” Violet murmured.

“What do you expect from the daughter of a publisher.”

“Better that than a gentleman farmer. I’m little more than a brood mare to him.”

“Has he found you a husband?” Grace asked.


“But The Season is still upon us,” Constance reminded.

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  1. Hi Callista, thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your prologue. My comment is that the prologue is an opportunity to set the story up. I think you need to expand the premise and the characters. The dialogue is a bit tricky to follow. If this story is about three young girls about to leave the closed environment of a school and enter into society hoping to find love you could make a lot more of it and the obstacles they face in achieving their aim. I hope that helps.

    1. Julia, thanks so much for your comment! I will definitely expand on that when I go to write the actual novel. For now this is more like an outline, so I welcome all the suggestions I can get. Also, I'm writing this in "drabbles" as an experiment. Each chapter can be no more than 100 words. It's a fun writing challenge.